Autumn 2018

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Mingxing Li (Assistant Professor, HKBU)
L1 Phonotactics and the Perception of L2 Sounds:
Cantonese Listeners’ Identification of English Vowels
{Abstract & Bio}

Jason S Polley_NEW.jpg

Jason S Polley (Associate Professor, HKBU)
Meandering the Mean Streets of Mong Kok

Ruth Hung_NEW.jpg

Ruth Hung (Associate Professor, HKBU)
Against Allegory: for the Wolves in Wolf Totem

John Wakefield_NEW.jpg

John Wakefield (Associate Professor, HKBU)
The Syntax of Polar Interrogatives

Anna Tso_NEW.jpg

Anna Tso (Associate Professor, OUHK)
Comparative Children’s Literature:
Innocence Lost in the Abridged Version
of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan

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